Our Heart for Our Community

One of the ways we serve our community is by housing the Chugiak/Eagle River Food Pantry.

From John Malecha, ERPC member and Food Pantry Board President:

The Food Pantry Mission does more than provide food for the needy.  It has become a hub of the community, known by most businesses and Eagle Riverites, who regularly donate, money, time, and food.  Schools and businesses organize food drives, older children and young adults volunteer and learn about serving others and communicating with all levels of the community.

You also can volunteer or encourage family members, friends or neighbors to volunteer. Call the FP (907) 694-5228 and leave a message for Volunteer Coordinator, Ashley Schreiner.

Here is a quote from a young adult (male) volunteer at the Food Pantry, posted on the FP Facebook page: “…To elaborate a little bit on my experiences specific to the food pantry, it’s really been so amazing to work there weekly. I started coming and volunteering this March because (a girl) invited me to come help and hang out with her while we volunteered. So, at first, it was really rather selfish that I wanted to come and volunteer to spend time getting service hours and see my friend. But throughout this summer, I have really come to appreciate and love the service we do there for other reasons. I’m sure you understand better than anyone when I say that it’s really moving to be able to do something for someone else and help make sure they have enough to feed their family. I’ve spent most of my time working the “gatekeeper” position, greeting customers and facilitating their entrance and exit. I really love that position because although it made me uncomfortable at first, to greet and talk with so many people, I’ve grown to love hearing about their days and struggles. A lot of customers are very forthcoming about their situations, and always extremely grateful for the supplies and time we give. That’s really become my favorite part, that connection you make when you help another. It all sounds cheesy, but I know what working at the food pantry has done for me and I know what it does for others, and it’s God’s work. I am very lucky to be able to help those who need a little help and I’m very lucky to have learned so much at the food pantry. “

Other local ministries and organizations we support are:

Alcoholics Anonymous
Hiland Mountain Correctional Center
Chugiak/Eagle River Bear Paw Festival
Chugiak-Eagle River Chinooks – an Athletes In Action baseball team that shares the love of Christ through baseball and community service
Fire Lake Elementary School
Love INC