Construction Update

January ended with the removal of carpet in our Sanctuary and several of the rooms on the left side of the hallway. Workers then drilled holes and injected foam under the concrete slab in order to level out the floors. Our pews have been renovated, with the addition of bases to help stabilize each pew. Painting and drywall repair will begin soon.  That work will be done in stages, with the Sanctuary getting a new look first.  It has been a challenge to make all of the work flow smoothly while minimizing the impacts to our worship services and to our tenants.  We will be having to coordinate with the Food Pantry, the Mom’s Play Group and AA. 

In early February, volunteers packed and moved most of the room contents to off-site storage, since the rest of the ceilings will  be coming down soon. The new ceiling grid-work will be placed and integrated with new wall bracing, lighting, speakers, sprinkler heads, and heating diffusers. This will be a busy spring.